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The National Headquarters for the SUVCW is housed at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Executive Director may be contacted as follows:

Executive Director David W. Demmy, Sr

1 Lincoln Circle at Reservoir Park

Suite 240 (Nat. Civil War Museum)

Harrisburg, PA 17103-2411

Telephone: (717) 232-7000

Fax: (717)412-7492

Department of Kentucky

Officers Email*

Department Commander: David Jones,

Senior Vice Commander: Mike Flynn,

Junior Vice Commander: Todd Early,

Secretary/Treasurer: Bruce Fortin, PDC

Department Council:

Timothy Downey, PDC

Keith Karcher, PDC

Bruce Loveall, PCC

Patriotic Instructor/Chaplain:

Ed Lane,

Graves Registration Officer:

Bruce Fortin PDC,

Robert Jones, PDC

Civil War Memorials Officer:

Robert Jones, PDC

Eagle Scout Coordinator:

David Gambrell

Signal Officers:

Chris Workman,

Bruce Loveall,

Color Bearer/Guard

John Buckler,


Chaplain Roger Hurt,

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Keeping green the memory of our fallen.

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